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Welcome to Train Sim Designs.  Our members create content for the popular game, Train Simulator by Dovetail Games.  

We will be keeping this site free of adverts, however, the videos that are attached to some of the items, come from YouTube, which may place adverts on the video.  Unfortunately, we have no control over this.

All items on this site, are made by the members themselves, and some projects are a joint venture with members or third parties who have very kindly offered to help.  No project is copied from any other source.  We ask our members to keep the original development files for proof, which will only be shown to an officer of the UK Courts, should anything get that far.

If you wish to contact a specific developer, please use the contact methods which they have laid out.  

Our Members are... 


Train Sim Designs
Creates Freeware content, Fictional & Real, based in the United Kingdom.

Website : www.trainsimdesigns.co.uk
Facebook : trainsimdesigns

Contact Method : Facebook Chat


UK Route Designs
We are a small group of people who create content for Dovetail Games Train Simulator. We were formed in August 2014 and have been making content ever since. One of our main projects is our "Southern Lines" route which work was started in 2012. Whilst we do make routes, we also do the odd reskin too.

Contact Method : Facebook Chat


Danny's Route Pictures
I create Merged Routes, Reskins & Scenario's

Contact Method : Facebook Page 


Bex Reddy 
My Scenarios range from British Rail Steam, Diesel and Electric to modern privatised era. I use a broad range of DLC available from Steam, Just Trains and Armstrong Powerhouse. I am Ex Mainline Traincrew and my scenarios are based on real railways operations. I write both Freeware and Payware scenarios, many of which are in the Just Trains Western Mainlines and Valley Corridor routes.

Contact Method : Facebook Page


Mark Mclaine
My products are of modern era and consist of traction produced by a number of Developers ranging from DTG to Armstrong Powerhouse. Please note, my products will almost always require EU assets, unless otherwise stated.

Contact Method : Facebook


James Ivell
I Mainly Create real and fictional reskins for trains from the British railway network.

Contact Method : Facebook Page


High Speed Tracks
High Speed Tracks is an anarcho-syndicalist collective of like minded train sim nerds who develop routes for TS2017. Some are scratch built and some extend existing routes. We're not clever or committed enough to develop many of our own assets but do sometimes try, with good results so far. We'll see about doing more in due course. This does mean that our routes use assets from payware routes that you will need to have on your system for them to work properly.

Contact Method : FB Page 


RS Rail Productions
RS Rail Productions strive to give you the best possible reskins, we are run individually and are always open to talk

Contact Method : Facebook via UK Route Designs


Webbshire Scenarios
An avid train enthusiast and photographer from Kent, I create realistic scenarios, using a range of DLC, all using real timetable data (where possible), so no two scenarios are the same!

 Contact Method : Sending eMail 




Lewis Clowes
I aim to create useful reskins to the best of my ability for rolling stock used in Britain. As a general rule, I don't do fictional, but I'm often more than happy to make reskins for impromptu stock. Furthermore, my reskins are meant for you to enjoy.

Contact Method : Facebook Page

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