A diesel multiple unit or DMU is a multiple-unit train powered by on-board diesel engines. A DMU requires no separate locomotive, as the engines are incorporated into one or more of the carriages. They may also be referred to as a railcar or railmotor, depending on country. Diesel-powered units may be further classified by their transmission type: diesel-electric (DEMU), diesel-mechanical (DMMU) or diesel-hydraulic (DHMU)

The Class 121 is a Single car Double Ended DMU Built in 1960 and are still running today making them the longest serving DMU on the UK rail network.

This Reskin represents the silverlink livery applied to 121 027 and 029 between the railways privatization and 2001.

This reskin contains the Class 150 Sprinter in it's Unbranded FGW variant which is currently in use with Northern Rail.

The destination set has also been changed to use Northern destinations opposed to FGW ones.

Also, separate files have been made for the new Northern livery to have FGW numbering (for when they get re-liveried). This has been done as separate files so do not affect the default numbering on the new Northern livery.


The Class 156 is a Diesel multiple unit built for British rail by Metro Cammell Between 1987 and 1989

This Reskin represents the livery that 3 units were painted in after Northern rail took over the North East and North west regional rail franchises in 2004 to gather feedback for the final livery that the Northern Rail fleet would Be painted in.

This reskins is of the Perkins engined class 158 into the Alphaline Wales and West Livery that preceded the Wales and borders franchise and livery

Updated 12th June 2018

This reskin depicts the Class 159 'Express Sprinter' in it's 'Cracker' livery which 2 units received during a refurbishment. Included are 2 quick drives, one for a 3 car Class 159 set and one for a 6 car Class 159 set.

Update fixes the small SWR logos.

Updated 15th October 2018

This reskin pack contains the Class 170 Turbostar in ScotRail Saltire and ScotRail Barbie livery with Abellio Logos as well as the Unbranded variant.

One scenario for the Edinburgh to Glasgow Route is included, requirements for this can be found in the optional tab.

Big thanks also to Chris Horsfield for allowing us to provide his Class 170 destinations in with this upload, as well as various tips along the way. You can find his Facebook Group here:

Now includes destinations for the Ex ScotRail variant for use with Northern.



This reskin depicts the Class 220/221 Voyager in it's transitional livery between Virgin CrossCountry and CrossCountry. Included are 2 quick drives, one for a 4 car Class 220 set and one for a 5 car Class 221 set.

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