MK3 SLEP are a type of sleeper coach used on the British rail network, a total of 120 SLEPs were built between 1982-1984.

This Pack for the WCML Over Shap MK3 SLEP's features the liveries carried on the sleeper coaches that are used on the Caledonian sleeper.

This pack contains

  • National express Scotrail Caledonian sleeper livery
  • First Scotrail Caledonian sleeper livery with normal and full white doors also with and without first logos
  • Serco Caledonian sleeper livery


This reskin depicts the FWA Container flat wagon in DB Cargo livery and GB Railfreight livery.

This reskin depicts the FEA Container flat wagon in GB Railfreight livery.

Chiltern Railways has a set of 7 Mk3s referred to as either the "Commuter" or "Banbury" Set. These were not fitted with sliding plug doors like the "Silver Trains" used on the flagship route between London Marylebone and Birmingham/Kidderminster. The set runs 2 services per weekday (Mon-Fri) between Marylebone and Bicester/Banbury. The livery on these Mk3s is similar to the Chiltern "Mainline" livery used on the Class 168s.

The MK3 is a type of Passenger coach used on the British rail network, built between 1975-1988 and run as either vehicles in the High Speed Train or as Locomotive Hauled stock.


This Pack is of the Mk3s that are being fitted with sliding doors to allow them to operate past 2020.

This pack contains the Liveries for GWR and Cross Country (Scotrail has been excluded as this livery will be released with the Scotrail 7 Cities HST Reskin)

Included are 3 Quick Drive consists, a 7 car XC set, 4 car GWR and 4 car GWR with 43093 leading and 4 car GW with 43187/188 leading. 

Models done by James Ivell

Audio Done by Lewis Clowes

The Mk3 TC and TRSMB are two types of HST MK3 coaches operated by FGW/GWR which were converted from Standard Mk3 TS' that are used in some HST sets in place of the TRFB and TS


This pack adds the TC and TRSMB in FGW and GWR (TRSMB only)

This reskin is of the the HST mk3 coaches in East Coast livery which one set EC64 was reliveried into which was transferred from East Midlands trains along with 43 072 and 074 (now 272 and 274) as a result it was put into a similar livery to the mk4s

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