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The Southern Lines


Current Version : Beta 6

Southern Lines Route, is an mega route add on for Train Simulator, using the Portsmouth Direct Line as the base expansion pack.

The route runs from...

Southampton to London Waterloo
Portsmouth to London Waterloo
Southampton to London Victoria
Portsmouth to London Victoria
Bognor Regis to London Victoria
Portsmouth to Southampton
Portsmouth to Brighton
Brighton to London Victoria

The track work has now been completed, and we are now busy placing all the scenery onto the route.

The route is available to download in its BETA state.


Unless you have all the required assets which are listed on this page, the route will NOT function as intended on your computer.  Before you contact UK Route Designs Support via our facebook page, please ensure that you fully meet the requirements as listed here.  We can not help you to resolve your issues if you do not meet the requirements.

If you choose to install this BETA route, then you accept that this is unfinished software, and can contain bugs, or other errors which can make Train Simulator stop working.


If you have any previous version of the Southern Lines please read the following.

Due to an error on our behalf, you will need to reinstall the UKLEDSignals01 Pack before installing this new update (sorry everyone!).

To do this follow the steps below:

1. Open your Railworks to this location:
Program Files x86, SteamApps, common, Railworks, Assets, RSC
2. Delete the following folder: UKLEDSignals01
3. Go to Steam and click on Train Simulator 2016
4. Scroll down to the DLC section.
5. Use the bar on the right to search for "Railworks UK LED Signals"
6. Click the tick to uninstall it.
7. Once uninstalled, tick the box to reinstall.
8. Install the new update as per normal by copying over the "Assets" and "Content" folders into here: Program Files x86, Steam, SteamApps, common, Railworks
9. All done
10. Enjoy


This route was made by the UK Route Designs Team...

  • Jeremy Woodhouse ( Main Builder )
  • Ash Clark ( Signals / Route Knowledge / Tester / Scenario )
  • Mark Newbury ( Knowledge / Route Tester )
  • Chris Gray ( Route Tester )
  • Robert Tarling ( Route Tester )
  • Adrian Gibson ( Route Tester )
  • Bex Reddy ( Scenario Maker )



Created by

UK Route Designs
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