One scenario
1W82 07:22 Brighton to Bedford (160 mins, hard)

Drive a pair of Class 319s between Brighton and Bedford on 1W82 0722 Brighton-Bedford.
Morning driver, setup the cab and register the GSMR. The headocde is 1W82 and signal ahead is T440. You will call at most stations on your service today and will be going via Streatham to retain route knowledge. Have a safe trip!

IMPORTANT!: This scenario will ONLY work on the 64bit version of the game.

Thanks goes to 'Up Fast Line' for showcasing the scenario and allowing us to link the video to this page. 

One scenario

2F88 07:32 Woking- London Waterloo (45 mins, medium)

Morning driver, you have been given a 8 car set today due to a failure of a Class 450 on depot this morning. Drive to Waterloo on a Semi-Fast service calling at West Byfleet, Weybridge, Walton-on-Thames, Hersham, Esher, Surbiton and London Waterloo. Your arrival time is 0817 at London Waterloo. Have a safe trip!

IMPORTANT!: This scenario will ONLY work on the 64bit version of the game.

NOTES: 5 car Class 450s are being used due to no Class 458/5s. Class 456 with 455 MSOs are being used as Class 707 stand ins. Due to signal positioning at London Waterloo, two services are short formed, 8 coaches instead of 10.

One scenario

5B92 17+40 Streatham Hill CSD-Norwood Junction/1B92 18:12 Norwood Junction-Brighton (100 mins, medium)

Evening driver, setup the Class 455 here at Streatham Hill then proceed to Norwood Junction ECS. At Norwood Junction you will become 1B92, the 18:12 Norwood Junction-Brighton service calling at Gatwick Airport, Three Bridges, Haywards Heath and Brighton. Note your maximum permitted speed is 75mph today, due to this, you will be looped and have to wait time along the way today. Have a safe trip with all the football fans onboard!

Also included is a replacement destination texture, 'Reigate' has been replaced with 'Brighton'.

One scenario for the South Wales Coastal: Bristol-Swansea route.

2C89 19:00 Cardiff Central-Taunton (50 mins, medium) (we drive from Cardiff Central to Bristol Temple Meads)

Take this Class 43 HST from Cardiff Central to Bristol Temple Meads during the tail end of the evening Rush Hour, you were supposed to have a Sprinter DMU for this service but due a lack of DMUs an HST has been used to cover. Based on the real event that happened on the 6th June 2017 with the correct powercars used for the service.

One scenario

1A23 09:41 Brighton-London Victoria (45 mins, medium)

Morning driver, release the doors here at Three Bridges and set up the cab. You will call at Gatwick Airport, East Croydon, Clapham Jct and London Victoria. Due to the engineering works it's a bit quieter on the Brighton Mainline today, to add to this there is a strike over at South Western Railway. Have a safe trip, can't say it will be a comfy one!

One scenario for the South London to Brighton Workshop route by Danny Leach.

1U43 09:20 Gatwick Airport-London Victoria (45 mins, medium)

Take this Class 460 from Gatwick Airport to London Victoria during the tail end of Rush Hour, you were supposed to have a Class 442 for this service but due a fault on a previous service, it limped into the sidings at Gatwick Airport and was rescued by another Class 442. You have been given one of the Class 460s from Stewarts Lane instead. There are a few delays this morning to a track circuit failure at London Victoria whilst you had your break after working 1D30.

One scenario

1V94 08:59 Brighton-Great Malvern (125 mins, medium) (We drive the Bristol Temple Meads to Great Malvern Part)

Good morning driver, you are currently at Bristol Temple Meads. Drive 1V94 to Great Malvern before having a break. A few notes, there was an earlier TCF in the Bristol Parkway area, this shouldn't affect you too much but be alert on the signals. Also, your max permitted speed is 90mph today.

Also included is a MSL for the FGW and GWR liveries for the AP Class 158 CEP to form 158798.


NOTE: Due to the unstable nature of the sim, it is recommended to save and re-load at Cam and Durseley or lower your game settings.

One scenario

1A15 07:44 Brighton-London Victoria (70 mins, medium)

Take this Class 442 from Brighton-London Victoria during Rush Hour, you were supposed to have a brand new Class 387/2 for this service but due a fault in the depot, you have been given one of the Class 442s instead. Note, there are three 60mph TSRs on route today due to tunnel upgrades.

One scenario for the South London to Brighton Workshop route by Danny Leach.

1D30 07:30 London Victoria-Gatwick Airport (35 mins, medium)

Take this Class 460 from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport during Rush Hour, you were supposed to have a Class 442 for this service but due a fault on the previous service, it limped into the sidings at Gatwick Airport. You have been given one of the Class 460s from Stewarts Lane instead.

Three scenarios (Class 20, Class 56 & Class 66 Version)

3W90 03:29 Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf-Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf (We drive the Brighton-Redhill part) (70 mins, medium)

Take either the Class 20, Class 56 or Class 66 from Brighton to Redhill during Rush Hour on an RHTT serivce, you will get looped along the way to allow passenger services pass.

NOTE: If you do not like realistic freight services with long loop times (roughly 10 minutes per loop (2 loops) then this scenario is not for you.

One scenario

APT-P First Service Run (25 mins, medium)

Take the APT-P from High Pines-North Central on the first service run using C-APT. You will have a clear run today, all other trains will be moved out of the way for you.

One scenario

5B54 20+24 Lovers Walk T&R.S.M.D-Selhurst T&R.S.M.D (50 mins, medium)

Good evening driver, take 313201 on a stock movement from Brighton Lovers Walk to Selhurst Depot. Setup the cab and then couple to 313213. Once that is done you may depart when your ready. All the points are set in the depot for you. Traffic is dying down now, currently there is no reported problems, however you will be pathed behind 1A17 tonight so expect some yellows. Have a safe trip!

One scenario split into two parts (due to stability issues with the route).

18:14 Brighton-Bedford (Part 1 85 mins, medium, Brighton-Blackfriars) (Part 2 80 mins, medium, Blackfriars-Bedford)

Drive the 18:14 service from Brighton to Bedford with 319445 and 319217. This service is the final Class 319 operated service on the Thameslink network.

Updated 11/7/17

Two scenarios in one upload

08:30 London Paddington-Bristol Temple Meads (110 mins, medium)
18:00 Bristol Temple Meads-London Paddington (105 mins, medium)

This is a small taster of a bigger pack which is currently being worked on for the Western Mainline route.


08:30 London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads

Morning driver, today you will be driving 43002 from here at London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads. Here are your booked timings.

London Paddington: 08:30
Reading: 08:57-08:59
Swindon: 09:31-09:34
Chippenham: 09:45-09:47
Bath Spa: 10:01-10:03
Bristol Temple Meads: 10:15

Please note, there are some temporary speed restrictions in the Reading area, this is due to the on-going upgrade plan.


18:00 Bristol Temple Meads-London Paddington

Good evening driver, today you will be taking the 18:00 service to London Paddington calling at Bath Spa, Chippenham, Swindon, Reading and London Paddington. You will be in control of 43185.
There are currently no reported issues on the line.

One scenario

11:55 Cardiff Central-London Paddington (135 mins, medium)

This is a small taster of a bigger pack which is currently being worked on for the Western Mainline route.

Drive the 11:55 service to London Paddington with 'Welshman' 43187 leading your HST set. There might be a few delays due to an earlier track circuit failure near Ealing.

About the Scenario

For those that don't know me, I grew up an enthusiast and then worked for BR until Privatisation and then forward with EWS until 2005.

My interests lie with the BR era from the introduction of BTC The Modernisation Plan upto the end of BR in 1995. In the 1980's Class 33's

worked various trains in Wales and along the South Coast of England. The scenario I have created is based on a modern 1F03 06:28 Cardiff

Central to Portsmouth Harbour, as far as Bristol Temple Meads with a Class 33 and 5 coaches replacing the modern day units.


Good morning Driver........ first things first, get in the cab, get yourself ready and head out to the loco shunt.

You may need to stop close on the dummy for the countdown to activate. Be warned, the track on 9 road is a little bumpy. Your are booked to follow a London bound HST so watch those signals.


Train Reporting No: 5F03

From: Cardiff Canton Depot
To: Cardiff Central
Loco Number: 33027
No. of vehicles: 5
Actual Train weight: 271 tonnes
Max speed: 85 MPH

Train Reporting No: 1F03

From: Cardiff Central
To: Portsmouth Harbour
Loco Number: 33027
No. of vehicles: 5
Actual Train weight: 271 tonnes
Max speed: 85 MPH




Good morning Driver, we've just had a call from Control, 0Y11 / 5Y11 / 1Y11 is uncovered, the Shed Crew have picked up the coaches for 5Y11 and await your arrival with a Class 40. Due to the Shed Crew collecting the coaches, the loco has not been prepared, so please take her over to the fuel point and fill up with fuel and water for the boiler. Once done head from Gateshead depot as quick as possible to Newcastle, couple up to your coaches and get on your way to York where you will be relieved by a Kings Cross driver.

Please note to make sure you stop at 0.00 on arrival at Newcastle NW Jn 2 or it will not activate.

This activity for the first 30 mins is very taxing, once you have departed from Newcastle however, its an early morning sedate run with light traffic........... I have used a modern day timetable and replaced the tractions with BR era stock.

I have tested this on my 3 year old HP Pavillion G series laptop, with game graphics set to HIGH with dynamics switched off, my lappy did not have a meltdown, and I am not responsible for your system going into meltdown!!!

I would like, if may....... to take you...... on a strange journey......... Back in the good old days of British Rail, when the railway was a real railway, when enthusiasts and staff were hard to tell apart.... there ran trains...... But of course trains ran, it's a railway!! We ran Mystery Tours, or Mystex Trains. So Mysterious that not even the train crew knew where they were going. When the crews booked on for duty they were given instructions on their diagrams to run train 1Zxx from Point A to Point B and get relief. Very few staff knew where the trains were going to terminate and it actually worked - People bought their tickets for the train, turned up at the departing station, got on the train and a few hours later arrived at their destination - Some got the jackpot and some arrived at least exciting places!!

For those that don't know me, I grew up an enthusiast and then worked for BR until Privatisation and then forward with EWS until 2005. My interests lie with the BR era from the introduction of BTC The Modernisation Plan upto the end of BR in 1995. Thus I present my latest scenario - The Magical Mystery Tour. I have used the WCML Trent Valley Route with a run from Rugby to Stafford, stopping at a few intermediate stations enroute to anywhere!!! I have used a fictitious timetable, been creative with the stock but its things that would have happened and would have been seen in 1970s & 80s. I am also trying a new method of scenario writing, below are all the instructions you will need to complete the scenario as there are NO Pop Up messages in this scenario at all. The requirements for this scenario are listed at the end of the Scenario Diagram I have written:

Driver this is Control - the booked driver for the Mystex 1Z81 has gone sick, we need you to go and start 40128 on the SIDINGS and get ready to couple up to the coaches once the Southern crew has cleared off out the way, and take the train to Stafford where a Crewe driver will relieve you then you can jump the first train back to Rugby and book off. Thank you Driver. Heres a copy of the job for you.



About the Scenario
Rugby Drivers Diagram RY Sp3005

Book on: 06:50
Book off: 13:50
Hours : 7hrs

Class 40 - Prep Loco 07:20
Rugby Access Line : 07:22:49 / 07:23:09 (CE)
Rugby Up Good Loop : 07:27:50 / 07:28:10
Rugby Flyover South : 07:31:00 / 07:31:20 (CE)Pass RC6002 Signal (Shift Tab)
Rugby Plat 4 : 07:33:13 / 07:33:13 (CE)Stop & Couple up - 1Z81
Depart Rugby Pl4 : 07:35:10 / 07:38:31
Depart Nuneaton PL3 : 07:56:30 / 07:59:34
Depart Tamworth PL1 : 08:13:30 / 08:15:05
Depart Litchfield PL1 : 08:23:15 / 08:23:50
Depart Rugely TV Pl1 : 08:35:30 / 08:36:05
Arrive Stafford Pl1 : 09:00:07 - Reld Crewe Driver CD3005 at 09:02:42

(CE) = Change Ends
Reld = Relieved By

IRL you wouldn't ask permission to get a shunt signal which is why I have done it this way.



Good morning Driver, your duty is listed below. This morning you are to drive 2A08 06:54 Ashford to London Victoria on 25th June 1997.
Your only stop is Swanley then fast to London Victoria. It's the morning rush hour so don’t expect an easy run to the Capital.

Diagram: AF0012 - Mon - Fri
Book On: 05:35 Book Off: 14: 14:00 - Hours: 8.25


Good afternoon Driver

Due to a traction shortage we have hired in an old 415 EPB from Network South Eastern, you still have them signed on your traction card...... Lucky you!!! Run from Stewarts Lane Incline Sidings to London Victoria, change ends, then run to London Bridge via Crystal Palace as 2F22 calling at:

Battersea Park
Clapham Jn
Wandsworth Common
Streatham Hill
West Norwood
Gypsy Hill
Crystal Palace
Forrest Hill
Honor Oak Park
New Cross Gate
London Bridge

Good Evening Driver..... You have just relieved the crew on the late running 14:15 7O77 Paddington New Yard to Angersteins Wharf which was impounded at Longhedge Jn. There is still plenty of traffic around so watch those signals.

Loco Class 33x33

Actual weight 513 tonnes

Brake Force Available 279 tonnes air

15 wagons

RA 8

817 feet / 39 SLU length

Max Speed 45MPH

Dual piped from Loco

This is my very first scenario for Trainsim 2014 / Railworks. Although the timetable is fictional ( I just wanted to get the hang of things first) the stock you see is fairly accurate from my memory of my enthusiast and early BR career days. Due to availability of wagons I have unfortunately had to improvise a little with certain things. EG: Ive had to use the German Box wagons for aggregate trains, Turbo's as I do not have any Slam Door Mechanical DMU's, Vacuum brake bogie bolsters and various old type wagons to fill in for a lack of more modern versions suitable for British Rail era scenarios (which I find ridiculous for a game that issued BR era routes and post privatised industry wagons..... but lets not go there)

A nice simple ish run from Oxford to London Paddington with 50017 Royal Oak, calling at Didcot Parkway, Reading, Twyford, Slough and London Paddington with a slight twist to get around a couple of annoying red signals (in my day that was called "Operational Reasons!!" ) Watch out when approaching London Paddington as due to stupid mistakes by the game developers there are incorrect signal aspects displayed, so Green to Red is very highly likely to happen in the Royal Oak area just before and at the final 40 MPH speed board outside the terminus

Ive had to be fairly stringent with AI traffic as I only have a lap top, but, all things considered, its still pretty intensive.

About the Scenario

You will be in charge of the 1Q19 service from Plymouth to London Paddington, This is a routine track inspection service timed for 60 mph. You will pick up the service just outside Newton Abbot and go as far as Exeter St Davids.


From UK Train Sim
23308 Network Rail NMT HST Reskin


From Steam
RSC Riviera Line
RSC Class 150
RSC HST With Buffers

From Just Trains
Class 220/221 Voyager Advanced

About the Scenario

You will be driving 175005 on the Cardiff to Manchester Piccadilly service, Your journey will take you as far as Newport.

This scenario is rated easy and will last approx 30 minutes.

This is a simple drive from and to and no surprises in between, there is a bit of AI as this is based on a real timetable so if it didn't run it isn't it this scenario


From Steam
RSC South Wales Costal
RSC Arriva Trains Wales DMU Pack
Thomson/Oovee Class 150
RSC EWS Class 66 v2
RSC European Assets

From Armstrong Powerhouse
BAA Wagons Pack
Class 142 Pack

Take 43378 and 43321 on a summer only service down to Paignton. There are no expected issues, so enjoy the run down the coast.

A little bit of New Year chaos! The 466s booked to operate on the Sheerness Line were needed to strengthen London commuter services so 2 508s were sent out, and now 508212 has failed with a AWS issue, so it's down to 508207 to make a return trip to keep the branch running. Set up and open the guard operated doors and await your 0828 departure time.

Take refurbished 375709 on a short trip to Bromley, calling at some rather unusual stations!

Good morning driver, today your job is to take this train of unloaded JNA-C ballast wagons to Faversham. Set up and depart once you have the road. Maximum permitted speed is 60mph.


Big thanks goes to Chris Horsfield for allowing me to include his replacement destinations for the 375 & CML 465 - the scenario will run as intended, just the AI may show without numbers or a destination!

This scenario is set 24/10/17 where you are driving 4L02 On the GEML Between Stratford and Felixstowe freight terminal using a UKRL Class 56 instead of a Class 66 that would normally run it. This scenario is based on the idea that GBRf has hired a loco out simlar to the past where they hired Class 55 022 during a loco shortage.

The Scenario is split into 3 parts to remove long wait times at the stopping points and to reduce the risk of the simulator crashing

Part 1: Stratford to Colchester (Rolling start): 55 Minutes
Part 2: Colchester to Ipswich Yard: 30 Minutes
Part 3: Ipswich yard to Felixstowe South: 30 Minutes

Drive Class 68 68009 on the 1721 London Marylebone to Banbury, hauling the Chiltern Mk3 Commuter set also refered to as 'The Banbury Set'.


Drive a 6 Car train from Exeter to Axeminster on a clear sunny day starting the train from cold in the sidings.

Drive a GWR 2+4 HST Between Newton Abbot and Exeter St Davids on a semi fast stopping service on a cloudy day. 29/5/18 This Scenario Starts on the Move towards Newton Abbot

Drive 319454 and 319444 on a FCC service between Bedford and St Pancras International Upper Level on a Cloudy saturday morning. Date:18/6/11

Drive two class 86s hauling the 1113 Freightliner service from Felixstowe to Trafford Park between Camden Junction and Rugby

3J11 1621 Carlisle Kingmoor Tmd(Drs) to Carlisle Kingmoor Sdg(Drs) for WCML Over Shap Route.
In this pack are 6 scenarios, 3 will relate to DRS37s and the other 3 will relate to DRS66s.

Take 37422 and 37424 around the WCML Over Shap route with the daily RHTT/Leafbuster Train.
Take 66304 and 66428 around the WCML Over Shap route with the daily RHTT/Leafbuster Train.

Each part has been created to realism for what ran on the night I choose to do the working.
3J11 Part 1:- Preston Platform R.E.S. to Carnforth via Lancaster Platform 3
3J11 Part 2:- Oxenholme DGL to Kingmoor Depot
3J11 Part 3:- Kingmoor Depot to Preston UGDL (Platform 7) via Lancaster Platform 4

IMPORTANT!: These scenarios will ONLY work on the 64bit version of the game.

1S26 2353 London Euston to Glasgow Central

Overnight 1S26 was delayed between Litchfield Trent Valley and Stafford due a signalling failure issue which resulted in 1S26 been over 2 hour late.
You will join 90016 on 1S26 just outside of Preston, be aware this is a rolling start scenario set at 50mph. You have a 5min booked time at Preston this allowed for crew changes,
between 1M16 and yours. You might be chasing yellows at least once if not twice, reasons are as 6C02 is pathed in front until Oubeck loop and then 0M75 also pathed ahead, you will chase it into Carlisle. So be aware of the signal aspects.

Scenario is for WCML Over Shap

After leaving Mountsorrel behind on what should of been a trouble free run with 66304 back to Carlisle N.Y., issues developed on wagon towards the rear of the train. It was held at Canal Farm Jn Nuneaton for inspection and a 68 came along to assist. Upon arrival at Crewe Basford Hall the service 6C89 was cancelled for a new path 6Z89 via WCML. Take 66304 forward from Preston to Carlisle N.Y. with rest of the wagons loaded with Bulk Ballast recessing at Carnforth and Tebay for passing services.

As of March 2018, DRS & Northern have agreed to utilise Class 68 Locomotives on one of there Loco Hauled sets that run via The Cumbrian Coast.
Provided within this zip are two of the Northern Loco Hauled services for WCML Over Shap Route.
2C32 0515 Carlisle to Preston & 2C47 1003 Preston to Barrow-in-Furness.

It is essential you have DTG ScotRail Class 68 Loco Addon and AP44 Wherry Lines Extra Stock Pack installed for the DRS 68s to show up.

6C03 Clitheroe Castle Cement to Carlisle N.Y. Diverted via Preston & Shap.
Loco: GBRf 66704
Trailing Load: 14 JPA Loaded
Tonnes: 1200tonnes
Train Max Speed: 60mph

Due to a broken rail near Hellfield and ongoing track issues on Ribblehead Viaduct your booked service over Settle & Carlisle has been cancelled.
Running on a new path via Preston you are to relief the driver at Preston before continuing North to Carlisle stopping at Carnforth, Tebay & Penrith to allow expresses to pass.
With a trailing load of near 1200tonnes it won't be easy going towards Oxenholme, Grayrigg and the slow crawling climb up Shap to the Summit.

Part 1: Preston to Carnforth 40mins
Part 2: Carnforth to Carlisle N.Y. 120min

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