by Aaron Roscoe

An night owl train enthusiast and train video filmer from Preston, Lancashire. I create scenarios based on real life workings for the WCML Over Shap route using a array of DLC, where all the scenarios use all there real timetabled timings

3J11 1621 Carlisle Kingmoor Tmd(Drs) to Carlisle Kingmoor Sdg(Drs) for WCML Over Shap Route.
In this pack are 6 scenarios, 3 will relate to DRS37s and the other 3 will relate to DRS66s.

Take 37422 and 37424 around the WCML Over Shap route with the daily RHTT/Leafbuster Train.
Take 66304 and 66428 around the WCML Over Shap route with the daily RHTT/Leafbuster Train.

Each part has been created to realism for what ran on the night I choose to do the working.
3J11 Part 1:- Preston Platform R.E.S. to Carnforth via Lancaster Platform 3
3J11 Part 2:- Oxenholme DGL to Kingmoor Depot
3J11 Part 3:- Kingmoor Depot to Preston UGDL (Platform 7) via Lancaster Platform 4

IMPORTANT!: These scenarios will ONLY work on the 64bit version of the game.

1S26 2353 London Euston to Glasgow Central

Overnight 1S26 was delayed between Litchfield Trent Valley and Stafford due a signalling failure issue which resulted in 1S26 been over 2 hour late.
You will join 90016 on 1S26 just outside of Preston, be aware this is a rolling start scenario set at 50mph. You have a 5min booked time at Preston this allowed for crew changes,
between 1M16 and yours. You might be chasing yellows at least once if not twice, reasons are as 6C02 is pathed in front until Oubeck loop and then 0M75 also pathed ahead, you will chase it into Carlisle. So be aware of the signal aspects.

Scenario is for WCML Over Shap

After leaving Mountsorrel behind on what should of been a trouble free run with 66304 back to Carlisle N.Y., issues developed on wagon towards the rear of the train. It was held at Canal Farm Jn Nuneaton for inspection and a 68 came along to assist. Upon arrival at Crewe Basford Hall the service 6C89 was cancelled for a new path 6Z89 via WCML. Take 66304 forward from Preston to Carlisle N.Y. with rest of the wagons loaded with Bulk Ballast recessing at Carnforth and Tebay for passing services.

As of March 2018, DRS & Northern have agreed to utilise Class 68 Locomotives on one of there Loco Hauled sets that run via The Cumbrian Coast.
Provided within this zip are two of the Northern Loco Hauled services for WCML Over Shap Route.
2C32 0515 Carlisle to Preston & 2C47 1003 Preston to Barrow-in-Furness.

It is essential you have DTG ScotRail Class 68 Loco Addon and AP44 Wherry Lines Extra Stock Pack installed for the DRS 68s to show up.

6C03 Clitheroe Castle Cement to Carlisle N.Y. Diverted via Preston & Shap.
Loco: GBRf 66704
Trailing Load: 14 JPA Loaded
Tonnes: 1200tonnes
Train Max Speed: 60mph

Due to a broken rail near Hellfield and ongoing track issues on Ribblehead Viaduct your booked service over Settle & Carlisle has been cancelled.
Running on a new path via Preston you are to relief the driver at Preston before continuing North to Carlisle stopping at Carnforth, Tebay & Penrith to allow expresses to pass.
With a trailing load of near 1200tonnes it won't be easy going towards Oxenholme, Grayrigg and the slow crawling climb up Shap to the Summit.

Part 1: Preston to Carnforth 40mins
Part 2: Carnforth to Carlisle N.Y. 120min

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