by Webbshire Scenarios

An avid train enthusiast and photographer from Kent, I create realistic scenarios, using a range of DLC, all using real timetable data (where possible), so no two scenarios are the same!

Take 43378 and 43321 on a summer only service down to Paignton. There are no expected issues, so enjoy the run down the coast.

A little bit of New Year chaos! The 466s booked to operate on the Sheerness Line were needed to strengthen London commuter services so 2 508s were sent out, and now 508212 has failed with a AWS issue, so it's down to 508207 to make a return trip to keep the branch running. Set up and open the guard operated doors and await your 0828 departure time.

Take refurbished 375709 on a short trip to Bromley, calling at some rather unusual stations!

Good morning driver, today your job is to take this train of unloaded JNA-C ballast wagons to Faversham. Set up and depart once you have the road. Maximum permitted speed is 60mph.


Big thanks goes to Chris Horsfield for allowing me to include his replacement destinations for the 375 & CML 465 - the scenario will run as intended, just the AI may show without numbers or a destination!

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